Handyman Service for Your Space!

Anthony Handyman was founded in 2022 in Homeland, CA and is continually providing proficient handyman service with a heart for homes. We specialize in handyman services that help maintain your precious sanctuary’s comfort, safety, and value. Our team comprises highly professional, skilled, and thoroughly experienced individuals who provide top-notch service.

Handyman Service


Our Goal
We strive to impart the most efficient, professional, and budget-friendly handyman service. We aim to ease your home maintenance journey, sparing you the hassle of do-it-yourself. We aim relentlessly to create a stress-free experience for our clients.


Our Values
We firmly believe in the principles of integrity, transparency, and accountability. The heart of our independent handyman services lies in providing dedicated service that resonates with these values. We understand the gravity of our work and perform it responsibly.


Our Vision
We envision becoming the most reliable, consistent, and superior-quality handyman service in every home we serve. Our team continually updates its skills and technology to keep up with the advancing world while offering perfection. Our ultimate vision is to expand our service to every corner of the world, watching over the houses like ours and ensuring that every home we work with is happy.


Anthony Handyman‘s mission is to deliver premium quality independent handyman services while upholding the highest customer satisfaction. Our dedication and commitment to the job exceed our customer’s expectations. We seek a platform where our clients feel valued, their problems are heard, and dynamic solutions are provided promptly.


We cordially invite you to join our fast-growing family of contented customers. Contact us today at (951) 528-1978 in Homeland, CA or schedule an appointment. We’re ready to show you how comforting, convenient, and reliable service can be. Escape the rigmarole of household repairs and maintenance – leave it to the experts. Let’s build a beautifully efficient home together!


  • Handyman Works
  • Painting Service
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
  • Drywall Repair
  • Toilet and Closet Install
  • Cupboard Install
  • Windows and Trim Install Service
  • Doors Service